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About Me

Arland Craik

Hi I'm Arland! I'm a mobile Personal Trainer based around Thatcham and Newbury, also able to cover other areas within Berkshire and South Oxfordshire. I travel to you at home, work or your local park, to provide my personal training services, helping you lose weight, get fit and feel great!

Have you spent years bouncing from one diet to another, losing weight only to put it all back on again?

Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING possible to get in shape, but still keep failing?

Are you sick of feeling self-concsious and not being able to wear what you want?

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer that can solve these problems then fill out your details here and we can arrange a call to see how I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

My motto is "You don't have to be a pro to train like a pro" and I pride myself in delivering the best, most innovative training there is. With my background in the world of professional sport my clients receive the same quality training as a pro athlete.

Furthermore, I understand that no individual is the same and this is why I always take the time to get to know my clients and their needs. You will receive training and nutrition plans that are tailored specifically to you allowing you to achieve maximum results. Plus everything is brought right to you, in an environment that you are comfortable with.

I am always honest with my clients and there's no escaping the fact that hard work and dedication are the key requirements to losing weight and getting fitter. If you're willing to put the hard work in, then together we can achieve things you didn't think were possible!

My Qualifications

As well as being an Advanced Level 3 qualified and insured Personal Trainer, I have an undergraduate degree in Sports Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Strength and Conditioning.

During my experience as a fitness professional I have worked with a variety of different clients including professional athletes, CEO's and business leaders, as well as members of the general public to achieve all manner of fitness and health related goals. Whoever you are and whatever your goals, I guarantee I have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve them.

Arland Craik Personal Training

Online Training

Not everybody needs someone to stand next to them while they exercise. Online Personal Training is perfect for people that want to be more independent with their workouts.

Are you unsure if you're getting the best results from your training? Or do you need a program to prepare you for a specific event such as a half marathon? If a bit of direction is what you need then Online Personal Training is perfect for you.

How does Online Personal Training work?

I use a system called "True Coach" to plan workouts which can be viewed on your phone. These workouts are tailored specifically to you and are animated as well so you have clear instructions on what to do and how long to do it for. This system also allows me to provide coaching, support and accountability at a fraction of the cost of face to face personal training.

Training with me as your Online Personal Trainer offers you:

  • The benefit of training under my expertise anywhere, anytime using an interactive training app with exercises programmed specifically to your goals and training environment
  • Keeping on track by completing your exercise sessions with my weekly check-in contact
  • Save money on one to one personal training fees - my monthly online training subscription is £40
  • Receive training support via phone / video calls and email

Contact me today to book a free online consultation!


Tim - Didcot

Having now worked with Arland for 2 months and losing over 10kg during that time, I think the results speak for themselves. With varied sessions, tailored to your own specific goals and needs, it never feels like a chore to train. Arland is extremely flexible in approach and will always find time to ensure your training sessions fit in with your own life and routine which is such a huge plus when trying to find time with hectic work schedules.

Fiona - Newbury

Fantastic workouts and food plans, great combination to get you started, no fuddy diets just a good food plan with normal everyday food!! Didn't take me long to become very committed to Arlands sessions, was also given workout plans to do in the gym...massive bonus. Nothing is too much trouble for Arland, he's open and very honest about goals and what to expect from yourself, he gets the best out of you through encouragement and knows when he can push you for a little bit more..even when you think you can't! Always available for questions and support, responds quickly.

Paul - Newbury

14st(2lb) to 12st9lbs in 10 weeks in order to prepare for my London - Dublin bike ride. Whatever your fitness goal is, Arland is completely driven to you achieving that result. Sessions vary every week to keep it fresh but always pushing you that bit further than the week before. Highly recommended.

Angus - Australia

I am now 3 weeks into my second online personal plan with Arland and I can not recommend his services enough. His knowledge on fitness and his ability to tailor sessions to your needs and goals allows for maximum results! Always willing to go the extra mile and happy to answer any queries you may have!

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